These 7 tools for new nomads were just what I needed.

   I loved this book! I have been going through a lot of changes lately; divorce, changing homes, changing jobs, even changing friends, and honestly I was really down in the dumps about the constant changes. I just wanted to feel normal and settled in my life again, and I wasn’t sure how to really do that.

   These 7 tools for new nomads were just what I needed to read to really understand how I can make the changes, and that I really can and will make my way through them.

   The section that resonated the most with me is step 7: how to be able to happily survive every day. I have found a way to motivate myself through every day, and I’m really starting to be able to get a grasp of what it means to be happy every day.

   Thank you so much for this motivation to keep going.

Tanya Spring.

February 9, 2016



   This is a book I will keep on my desk, my travel bag and the living room coffee table. 

   The author has managed to capture the very essences of personal life change management. Unlike other motivational authors he slaps us with the very truths of our life hurdles and offers multi-layed, easy to grasp solution choices. His simple demands that we exercise our minds in one direction of our own chosen "horizons" and how with the dynamic connections between our behavior tools, we succeed.
   He has offered me a beautiful way of visualizing the creative side of keeping my "horizon" ideas fresh and a way to keep the courage to maintain a fresh first step in new endeavors.
   In particular I liked the easy tool headliners which resonate in everyday thought processes. This is a book I will keep on my desk, my travel bag and the living room coffee table. I can not wait to recommend it to friends and business partners.
Michael Hudson Davis,
February 7, 2016

Seibt is an amazing man, artist and mentor 

   In this book he doesn't claim to serve the wisest book in the world. rather, he goes for the handiest one.

   Following the 7 steps can make this book my own book, with my ideas, my life and my work- ever evolving and yet- unique. 
   This book is NOT an instant self-helping book (never quite liked those) and should not be a fast read. It is a TOOLBOX you can always come back to, and also enjoy the beautiful art pieces decorating and demonstrating the 7 steps.


Tali Nimrodi, 

February 8, 2016
   We often read about personal transformation, but this book takes it to a whole new level. C.P. Seibt's 7 Tools of Change provide the reader with practical steps to help us on our life's journey. The concept of current society being the "New Nomads" is a unique and refreshing way of understanding transformation in our personal and professional lives, and how that has developed through history. Highly recommended!
February 11, 201

   Purest tools for a meaningful life
   I find the book fascinating
   I read it twice once to get the total picture and gasp the idea. And a second time in parts. Knowing I will re read it as a Manuel for life.
   I find the basic idea appealing and very true to the way I see things.
   I find the tools provided to be effective.
The horizon the search, the way and the goals are true to the path I would like to follow.
   It's written in a very efficient way one that you can follow easily..
   I love the colorful sketches and paintings that are included in the book.
   The magnificent range of colors that are so. Ivied and alive.
   The quotations make you stop and think and rethink and try to find yourself in them.
Still it leaves you totally free to choose you way and what would be true to you and most effective.
   I find my self thinking shaping and reshaping my horizon and adding more segments.


Amazon Customer,

February 12, 2016

   To my great surprise Peter taught us these tools.
  I   went reluctantly to a workshop nearly 8 years ago at the request of a friend. To my great surprise Peter taught us these tools. They have made a profound difference in my personal life...and the work as a professional facilitator. Thank you Peter for finally getting the book out in English. I will share it with everyone I know! 


Justin Tomlinson,

February 28, 2016

   ... having read several self help books, I must say this one was the most informative...

   This book is both encouraging and inspiring. We all struggle with everyday stresses and battle our own demons. Finding the path to true happiness with in ourselves is not easy. This book gives amazing tips and advice on how to make the changes and become the person you want and deserve to be.
   The seven tools are explained in great detail and the analogies are a great addition. I could relate to so much of the information and it was so easy to wrap my mind around. It gave me better insight on parts of my life I need to focus on and was truly an eye opening experience. It is a comprehensive and complete guide and it really gave me hope.
   The tools are exactly what I need, and having read several self help books, I must say this one was the most informative and the steps are useful and I believe they will work. It has a smooth and flawless flow, and the chapters are set in a wonderful way for future references. And the pictures are perfect for the book and added that special touch.
  The author, C.P.Seibt did a remarkable job in putting this all together and the dedication shown to help others is refreshing. I would love to read more.
I was left feeling empowered and confidant in my self and that is the biggest step to take, I recommend this book with my highest regards. It truly can change your life, grab it and take the first step on the journey to the new and improved you!


Lacia Porter,

February 9, 2016



   ... Seibt is offering the reader seven practical simple tools, that are relevant 

   Peter C. Seibt is a fascinating man, artist and mentor, with an unusual life story, profound insights, practical approach, poetic language, and a great sense of humor. No wonder his book feels just the same.
   “The New Nomads” is a unique book about change - and life.
Seibt claims that we live in an era of constant change and constant move, both outside and within. Which turns us all, whether we like it or not - into nomads.
   In his unique, poetic, colorful way, Seibt is offering the reader seven practical simple tools, that are relevant for living this nomadic life, and dealing with change (whether desired or forced) in every aspect of life: business, career, creativity, relationships, social change, self-development, art, culture, politics.

   The 7 tools include:
1. Horizon: how to create your own unique clear direction
2. Great Story: how to build, and create, your own story - for you (or for others) to follow
3. Letting Go: identifying, and breaking free from obstacles, barriers, and practically anything and everything keeping you back or making you stuck
4. Setting Course: drawing your path and identifying (& acquiring) the mental (and other) resources you will need to get there
5. The First Step: the first step is usually the hardest. This tool is about how to make the first step not only painless but rather easy, fast, creative. Even fun.
6. Prey: how to find a daily source of inspiration, to get you going, and to help you crystallize your direction even further and reach you horizon
7. It’s You: how to find your own way of using the tools.

   I am not a big fan of self-help books. Those I have read usually disappointed me, turning out to be either superficial, impractical, or both.
   But Seibt’s tools are not only written in an intelligent, unique, poetic, colorful way - as if they were one of his paintings; It’s not only that the are served with a smile. They also work. Trying them out was simple, and has surprisingly created great clarity in several domains of my life. 
   Peter C. Seibt has a fascinating, inspiring, optimistic way of looking at life. And he has plenty of experience. He is 80 years old, and has used these tools to mentor managers, organizations, people, from different countries and different domains. This book is a chance to view - to experience - life, and change, from his unique perspective.
   I think it’s a journey worth exploring. 


Dr. Liraz Lasry,

February 10, 2016



The "Nomads" book offers highly effective tools. Author, Seibt tells us exactly how to use tools for positive change. They work immediately - not only for handling change in our own lives, but also in markets, businesses and careers. Recommended!
February 9, 2016

   ... He demonstrates the validity of his philosophy for personal success and self-realization ...

I admire Peter Seibt's art and belief in our potential for unity, which he demonstrated by creating "365 Paintings for Hope" and giving them to people around the globe. This book challenges readers to make changes toward wholeness with fervor and focus, and to avoid the tedious ruts of "repeatoholics." His artwork provides visuals that are exciting page-turners themselves and illuminate his concepts and joie de vivre, while acknowledging that problems will always exist, but now as opportunities rather than obstacles. He demonstrates the validity of his philosophy for personal success and self-realization by living his life as he encourages his readers to live theirs, as the great story of you.


February 8, 2016



New bestseller shares the 7 tools for

a better and happier life!

   This is more effective than other books

   The book is friendly, easy to read, and the colorful and original paintings included make the book pleasant to read. The book  is innovative  and  surprising.

   The "Nomads" paradigm is compelling, simple , and self-explanatory. I was enthused by the story tool, the horizon  tool,  and the first-step tool, and I started using them right away.  The variety of  support methods offered in the last chapter  enable the tools to be followed- up over time. This is more effective than other books of similar nature  that offer no follow–up methods.

   In short the book is simultaneously fun and practical.


Aron Mor

February 8, 2016

      I liked the author’s approach to synthesizing his evolutionary philosophy into practical, useful tools

   Peter Seibt shares his own take on how to embrace, direct and survive change from the smallest inconsequential happenings to life-altering events.  From its very beginning, the book tweaks one’s curiosity.

   I liked the author’s approach to synthesizing his evolutionary philosophy into practical, useful tools towards embracing change. The author’s artistry comes through in the book’s prose.

   I very much liked the step-by-step approach to take personal responsibility for the outcomes in one’s life.

   The book offers many interesting analogies and graphics.  A true bonus is Peter Seibt’s beautiful artwork which can be found throughout the book. 

   I found the book thought provoking and interesting.


Carole & Jim Payne



   ...He impresses on us the incredible power of personal choice and offers a variety of strategies to strengthen this capacity...
   ‘You are the one to blame for every failure that matters. That’s good, because when you are the cause, you are also the solution.’               Peter Seibt takes the typical excuses for folding in on oneself, for staying stuck, and turns them into strategies for breaking free. 

   He does not stop at merely telling us we can do this, he offers a process, complete with tools, for taking charge of one’s movement through life. First of all, by emulating our nomadic forebears and choosing movement.
  If we crave stability, Peter illuminates ‘the stability of movement’, the personal freedom that occurs when one takes the first step, ‘and then the next first step’.

   If we are unsure of our direction, he offers guidelines to creating one’s own narrative.   

As our ancestors knew, our story not only reflects who we are, but through telling it, refining it with each telling, we are constantly creating and re-creating a stronger, more flexible persona. Peter offers a guide for shaping our personal narrative for greatest efficacy.
   Following Peter’s map, we take that narrative and place before it a horizon built of our finest dreams. Then we go for it. As we move forward, he counsels, we pay attention. We adopt an attitude of responding to new stimuli with the excitement of encountering a fresh opportunity.

   Scary? Peter acknowledges this and offers tools that include examining our perceived barriers, and, in keeping with the analogy of our perpetual evolving as a species, he offers suggestions for rituals to help jettison old baggage.
   Peter’s tools are not pronouncements or rules. He does not set himself up as an expert. Instead, he asks a series of interconnected questions, each set building on the previous set, that allow the individual to understand that they are the expert.

   He introduces us to the revolutionary idea that while we might not be able to control everything that happens to us, we can control our response to events, we can make choices. He impresses on us the incredible power of personal choice and offers a variety of strategies to strengthen this capacity.
   Peter’s language is clear and jargon-free, and his ideas are further amplified by his own evocative paintings in colors that are as clear and strong as the ideas themselves.
   For me, the book’s most lingering message is contained in a pair of sentences toward the end: ‘Is this all too easy? I’ll bet you’ve been just as amazing in your best, most brilliant moments.’ And we have. But sometimes, we need someone like Peter Seibt to remind us of this, to tell us that we can, and must, trust ourselves.


Sigrid Heath,

February 10, 2016